You Need Only to Speak

What will you do with my heart now
That you are holding it in your sweet hands
I want you, I need you, I love you
But with you I don't know where I stand
My soul is athirst for a lover
My heart sings it's songs out of tune
Then you enter my life like a sweet breeze
And the promise of hope spring anew

What lies beneath your unending silence
It's saying words that my heart can't quite hear
And your eyes seem to whisper a question
Or is it my own I see there
You give me no means to make certain
Or to believe that you'll ever me mine
Just the feeling of love that surrounds me
When I'm caught in the warmth of your smile

I find the sounds of the world are muted
By the echo of your laughter in me ears
and my thoughts are disjointed with memories
Of the places and times you were near
Is there room in your life for my loving
Do I dare hope it's that which you seek
I'd surrender my heart to you gladly
It is yours, you need only to speak
I'd surrender it all to you gladly
I am yours, you need only to speak

1982 James and Melodee Ramey