The Beast

The beast nods and sniffs the air
Books are burning everywhere
The stench of binding, ink and page
Incense of a new dark age
The dark is full and growing strong
Fed by those who can't be wrong
They know they're right, they have no doubt
After all, they're so devout

The whole damn thing's not such a grand undertaking
The ammunition is of our own making
He just sprinkles men's hearts with bigotry and hate
Then all he has to do is just sit back and wait
And in the end when all of us lose
The right to speak, and think, and choose
It will not matter who was wrong or right
Because the whole human race will have lost the fight
The beast stands to meet the ones
Who through suppression are his sons
Suppress the disagreeing view
Heed the words of the chosen few
Evil shines across the land
From the eyes of the damned
Fanatics fear free inquiry
And call new thought iniquity

The beast smiles and laughs with glee
He is pleased with what he sees.

1982 James and Melodee Ramey