Cosmic Stew

Make way, make way
The sorcerer is here to stay
I wonder what or I wonder who
Is cooking in his cosmic stew
Take away, take away
Hide all your children safely away
He'll tweek their minds, and he'll make them doubt
Wise tradition, they might throw out
Snake away, snake away
Vague mutterings that seem to say
There's love and then love, serpent and dove
What does this fool know about love
Break away, break away
Your sanity he'll take away
Your reality he'll twist awry
He speaks the truth with a twinkling eye


Do not tarry long my friend
Lest his voice caress your ears
The things he'll do to your heart and soul
Are beyond you greatest fears
Remember those he has led astray
And taken from our midst
His promises of enlightenment
Are just a bunch of sh......


Shake away, shake away
The walls will peel and break away
He sees the universe all around
Hears the silence in every sound
Make away, make away
The sorcerer is on his way
His words you must approach with great care
Love is the law
Love if you dare

1982 James and Melodee Ramey