Going On

Somewhere in the dark, deserted
reaches of my soul
Someone sings a haunting tune
and it's out of my control

My life seems tangled in a heap
All sprawled upon the floor
At times I feel the need to weep
But I don't know what for
The world goes on around each day
The sun comes up each morn
I greet the dawn out on my way
Tattered, tired and worn

The words come to me in the night
like shadows on the wall
They're indistinct and I can't quite
make any sense of them at all

I go on through each hopeless day
Urged on by broken dreams
It drives me on to see them lay
As motes in bright sunbeams
A shard collects my consciousness
It's colors seize my mind
It burns some but the pain is less
Than emptiness inside

Going on at times seems wrong when
strength's replaced by fear
When madness seems the answer to
all the words I can't quite hear

I hold a piece of future time
It's crystal heart aglow
And as I stand my spirits climb
Clean light up lifts my soul
My dreams today aren't quite the same
From times not long ago
The fears inside that have no name
Are staying on, I know

And somewhere in the dark, deserted
reaches of my soul
The voice of bitter wisdom sings
and it's echo makes me whole

I look up to the morning sky
I see the golden dawn
It's beauty makes me realize
The only way to go.........is on

1982 James and Melodee Ramey